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Sent to Processing

Step 2. –  most of your requested documents are in place now (paystubs, bank statements, etc.) This is where all the behind the scenes magic happens – IRS tax transcripts, flood certification, employment verification, home insurance updates, payoff request, closing scheduled, etc..)

YOUR ACTION: If you don’t already have home insurance in place, now is the time to do so.  I have a great local insurance agent and am happy to give a referral for a second opinion.

Please help us help you.  Be responsive to any requests from processing to avoid unnecessary delays with your closing.

Our job is to make approving your loan simple; for everybody.  Your loan processor helps make this happen.  Lending guidelines often doesn’t follow common sense:

  • Like verifying a spouse allows their money to be used to purchase their own home
  • Like verifying a self-employed person is employed.
  • Like verifying an applicant’s employment when they collected unemployment for 2 months

We don’t make the guidelines, but we understand them. And we take extra time during this step to avoid many of these seemingly silly questions later in the process.

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